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UL Learning & Development Platform

  • We recognize that many companies have talented learning management and content professionals, and our experts help extend the value of this team by bringing our experience in strategic roadmapping, training matrix development, process simplification/globalization, data migrations, systems validation, and much more.


  • With our team working alongside your internal experts, your company gains the ability to optimize existing learning management processes, practices, content and systems. This means that clients who work with UL experts gain access to best practices that have been incorporated into other companies within the Life Sciences industry. Our expertise is based on dozens of successful projects, in which our clients improved their learning culture, their learning efficiencies, and, above all else, their bottom line.


  • UL provides a world-class, cloud-based learning and development platform that meets the wide-ranging demands across many areas: corporate development and performance, as executed by HR teams, compliance managers, quality assurance, talent management leaders, supply chain, and department managers. This single platform can be used to support GxP and non-GxP activities within a single interface.


  • The platform includes LearnShare, which consists of modular applications that focuses on learning, employee performance, role-based qualifications, skills-based development, and analytics reporting for smarter decision making; unlike other talent and learning systems, LearnShare supports the management of "universal" competency programs of HR and also the technical skill competency programs managed by each department. This ensures a single, powerful view into an individual's readiness ratings, comparative profiles, level of potential, and overall performance over time


  • The platform also includes ComplianceWire, one of the world's leading LMS applications for the GxP environment, as it meets the stringent demands of 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11, and enables learning and compliance teams to manage role-based qualifications within operations, clinical, quality control labs and other key areas.