Getting Ready for Micro Learning

About the Perspective

With the advent of mobile technologies, a new approach to corporate training is starting to emerge along the lines of the small chunks of information. This approach is called “microlearning.” Dr. Karl Kapp, renowned eLearning and gamification guru from Bloomsburg University, has talked extensively about microlearning, and has shared his best practices with UL clients via blogs and onsite events, such as our Leadership Forum.


The idea behind microlearning is that the learner only receives a little bit of information over time. This makes it easy for the learner to understand and comprehend the information. And because it is only a small bit of information and the time commitment is minimal, the learner doesn’t feel rushed to review the information or crunched for time.


The idea is that presenting learning in small pieces actually enhances attention, retention of the content and makes it more likely that the learning will stay with the employee.


We created a 10-question assessment that clients should consider when developing a microlearning strategy:

  1. Has your company developed micro-learning programs in the past? If yes, did you feel it was successful? How did you measure this success?
  2. To which topic would you apply micro-learning? What are the learning objectives?
  3. How would you expect to divide the learning topic into five or 10-minute segments? For example, is the topic a production operation that takes 30 minutes?
  4. What kind of visuals would be valuable for the micro-learning program? A demonstration of correct product in usage, for example?
  5. Do you envision video being part of the micro-learning exercises?
  6. What specific change do you expect from the learners?
  7. What existing training occurs on this topic? Policy training? SOP training? Classroom? Existing eLearning?
  8. Could you describe your learners and their environment? Are they knowledge workers? Operations?
  9. Do learners have computers and smartphone access? Are they located centrally or around the world?
  10. Would you prefer to document this training completion as part of the learner’s transcript?